Who We Are

Avalar's History 

In 1994, Chuck Scoble, majority owner and CEO of Creative Property Services (CPS), rose to the challenge of expanding a small independent California real estate firm in the face of strong competition from major companies. His efforts resulted in one of the fastest growing real estate franchise concepts, now known as Avalar Network, Inc.

In order to successfully compete with other companies, it became apparent that agents must be surrounded by a supportive environment and a more diverse compensation package. Moreover, it was important that the program be designed to not only attract seasoned agents, but ensure that they would not succumb to the next best commission split or roomy corner office with a window. The company continued to evolve, incorporating solid ideas and discarding those elements that were counterproductive. Among the changes made:

  • Management's role became one of support rather than micro-management.
  • Innovative commission programs that allow agents to earn top commissions and give brokers the flexibility to compete with local standards.
  • A revenue-sharing program that encourages agents to participate in building the company and mentor new real estate professionals. A retirement plan that begins after seven years of service.
  • A portion of all royalty fees are redistributed back to all members who participate in the revenue-sharing program.

The company began to attract top-producing agents once these progressive ideas were put in place. Mentoring programs between experienced agents and new agents provided inexperienced agents a solid support system while compensating the veteran agent for their time and expertise, lessening management’s exposure to liability and reducing the need to micro-manage transactions. As agents came aboard, they brought others with them who, in turn, brought others... all selling real estate or closing loans and earning residual income from those they had sponsored. 

In late 1999, the growth of CPS inspired Chuck Scoble to take the concept national under the name Avalar. In addition to the traditional ideas of opening franchises.  Full and part time staff are invited to participate in the Avalar sponsorship and revenue-sharing program. Franchisees are not bound by territories, but are free to sponsor other brokers, agents and independent brokerage firms wherever real estate is sold. 

Today the Avalar Network is experiencing a steady but controlled growth nationwide and is eager to enter markets throughout the world. As a company still in its infancy, the opportunities are remarkable for those who have the vision to recognize success in its early stages. Contact us today at 866.998.8781 and control your destiny with the "competitive edge".

Path to Success®

Avalar's patented Path to Success® (U.S. Patent Number 7,149,707) is a revenue-sharing program for individuals associated with the Avalar system. Those eligible to participate in the Path to Success revenue-sharing pool include shareholders, full and part-time employees, as well as brokers and agents.

Path to Success® allows Avalar franchises to:

  • Eliminate the time and expense involved in "traditional" recruiting and retention efforts.
  • Provide everyone in the office (licensed and unlicensed) an interest in not only the success of the office, but also the agents they recruit.
  • Recruit and retain top producing agents who can earn income through our programs without increased overhead investments.
  • Eliminate the revolving door by providing aligned financial interests and unlimited growth opportunities.


The direct marketing concept has been hugely successful in many diverse markets for more than 80 years. Long-standing, highly respected companies such as Citigroup, Berkshire Hathaway, Avon, Travelers Insurance, Mary Kay, and Excel Communications have made the concept well recognized and universally accepted.

Leading business minds are always looking for ways to increase productivity and ensure loyalty, while building a better bottom line. Avalar has created an opportunity for forward-thinking and successful individuals who are looking for a "competitive edge.” Avalar joins an elite group of internationally recognized companies that have helped millions of their participants enjoy financial security.