Today's sales people are more professional, sophisticated, and independent than ever before. The opportunity to achieve greater income levels, develop alternative revenue streams through revenue sharing and networking, and to participate in a system that helps build their own financial well-being in addition to that of the broker/owner, is highly appealing.

Avalar is powered by our patented Path to Success® revenue-sharing program that encourages professional and career minded agents to help develop your office. Additionally, the building of a regional and national network becomes a “joint venture” between broker and agent wherein both benefit economically. “Positive” recruiting becomes a natural extension of the entire office atmosphere.  

Creating a network of top producing, successful agents and, more importantly, retaining them for the life of their career is the basis for a financially healthy and rewarding enterprise.   Allowing them the opportunity to reap these rewards well into their retirement years is the basis for a win-win framework between broker and agent who now share similar long-term goals for the firm.

Until recently, the real estate industry has largely failed to address the long-term financial needs of its own people.  Recruiters have largely sold their companies’ merits on the size of their available office space and the generosity of their commission splits.  Independent brokers have been hard-pressed to compete with big name companies, even though top-producing agents are constantly searching for something new.  Avalar's patented Path to Success® program provides new incentives for brokers, agents and staff to share in the growth and the rewards of building a successful business that will bridge their active selling years with the rewards and security of retirement – long after their years in real estate have come to a close. 

For years agents have networked with one another and have commonly invited their successful peers to join them in their current office.  Agents understand the value of surrounding themselves with successful producers who contribute a strong positive energy to the workplace.  Until now, most agents were rewarded with a pat on the back or, if they were lucky, a one-time bonus from the company.  Under the Better Homes Realty program, all those who introduce and sponsor an agent into the company are rewarded through a residual income stream paid out bi-monthly nationwide.  But it doesn’t stop there!  Those agents who join the company are now motivated to invite others into the company, who, in turn, invite yet others creating a multi-tiered web of growth creating up to seven generations below each person.  Each person can personally sponsor an unlimited number of agents, brokers, or companies creating the possibility of an infinitely wide network throughout the country and ultimately to international markets. 

Avalar has become a fast growing real estate firm, sharing millions of dollars with its sales force. Brokers, managers and recruiters love Better Homes Realty’s patented revenue-sharing program because it empowers agents in their offices who are now eager to assist them in growing the office.  More importantly, agents are motivated to not only produce at higher levels, but also take a personal interest in those agents they’ve sponsored.  Just imagine if you could induce the bulk of your associates to share in the excitement of building a successful office.  Well, that’s just what happens in the Avalar system. Talk about a win-win scenario!