Patented Path to Success®

Avalar's patented Path to Success® (U.S. Patent Number 7,149,707) is a revenue-sharing program for individuals associated with the Better Homes Realty, Creative Property Services (CPS) and Avalar franchised systems. Those eligible to participate in Path To Success® include franchise owners, managers, agents, shareholders, both full and part-time employees. Path to Success® creates a positive alternative for new and existing real estate brokerages by offering:

  • Alternative revenue streams for owners, agents and staff;
  • An environment of teamwork and mentorship;
  • Eliminate the time and expense involved in “traditional” recruiting and retention efforts
  • Provide everyone in the office (licensed and unlicensed) a vested interest in not only the success of the office, but also the agents they recruit;
  • Recruit and retain top producing agents;
  • A powerful and positive recruiting culture;
  • Eliminate the "revolving door" by providing aligned financial interests and unlimited growth opportunities;
  • The opportunity to earn significant residual income;
  • A retirement strategy.

Leading business minds are always looking for ways to increase productivity and ensure loyalty, while building a better bottom line. Avalar has created this opportunity for forward-thinking and successful individuals who are looking for the “competitive edge”.